The Pharma Partners (“TPP”) Announces Agreement to Raise $30M on Behalf of Four US Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

Derrick Li
Derrick Li
The Pharma Partners (“TPP”) Announces Agreement to Raise $30M on Behalf of Four US Healthcare and Life Sciences Companies

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – June 11, 2015) – The Pharma Partners (“TPP”) today announced an agreement with serial MedTech innovator Amir Belson, MD to raise a total of $30M from Chinese investors to reach four established US companies in which Dr. Belson is Founder. The raise will support Emboline, Vasostitch, Oxyvive, and Modular Surgical.

The four emerging US companies involved in the agreement are focused in areas of interventional cardiology, wound therapy, and surgical instrumentation. Emboline’s aortic embolic protection technologies and the large-bore access and closure technologies of Vasostitch serve different markets in the interventional cardiology space. In the area of wound care and management, Oxyvive utilizes mobile hyperbaric oxygen-based therapies for the treatment of chronic wounds, a market that continues to grow with an aging population and high incidence of diabetes. For comprehensive thoracoscopic and laparoscopic procedures, Modular Surgical has developed an advanced, minimally invasive and revolutionary endoscopic instrumentation toolkit.
Dr. Belson explained, “I’m excited to join forces with TPP as we expand our network into China and discover local partners that will help to penetrate this substantial market. We believe that this agreement will be a meaningful way to engage with Chinese investors and gain exposure to all-new opportunities.”

As one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the medical device industry, Dr. Belson has launched more than a dozen companies in the past 13 years, resulting in over 300 pending and issued patents. His inventions are among a variety of areas in healthcare technology, ranging from computer-guided colonoscopy instruments to radiation shields.
Asa Cox, TPP Co-Founder and Managing Partner, expressed, “One of Amir’s greatest strengths is his ability to recognize the skills of the people that surround him and then delegate responsibilities appropriately; that has led to much success. In addition to that mentality, he has consistently made the strategic decision to stake out intellectual property positions in the areas of all his new technologies. That foresight has been key in the creation of truly innovative tools that work to demand results.”

The funds raised will provide sufficient capital for the companies to reach major clinical and regulatory milestones with the FDA. Additionally, the funds will grant a newly formed joint venture between Dr. Belson and the investment group, which will hold the China IP license, marketing, and manufacturing rights.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TPP Tony Chu continued, “We see Amir’s drive to innovate and his ability to recognize game-changing technologies in enormous markets. We’re looking forward to connecting these four companies with a range of opportunities in China.”

About The Pharma Partners: The Pharma Partners (“TPP”) is an advisory firm that functions to capture the macroeconomic shift of China’s market interest in healthcare innovation by serving as a bridge between healthcare companies and investors from China and groundbreaking and innovative products and technologies from North America and Europe. Specializing in cross-border deal flow, TPP provides North American and European companies the access to capital, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution in China. With an experienced team of well-connected industry veterans from all over the world, TPP maintains the background, credentials, and understanding to execute and support transactions involving pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

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