Previous Events
March 15, 2018, Hangzhou, China
Success: China Healthcare Investment & Partnering Symposium 2018
January 8, 2018, Parc 55, San Francisco
TPP Healthcare to Offer 1:1 Meeting Space at JP Morgan and Biotech Showcase Healthcare Week
January 8, 2017, San Francisco
Biotech Showcase 2017 – TPP Healthcare Education Forum
October 7, 2015, San Diego
AdvaMed 2015 – TPP China Forum

Why Attend our 1-on-1 Partnering Events and Educational Forums?

TPP Forums are first-of-its-kind events – congregating 100s of Chinese dealmakers and Western Innovators together in one room. Fully vetted with pre-event diligence, coordinated and prearranged by our team of bilingual analysts and onsite independent PhD translators and cross-border business specialists at every event – our mark is always made.

We invite those who are serious about their business and growth potential – whether that be product, drug or investment portfolio related. Public pharma companies are seeking groundbreaking technologies to help them stand out from their peers. Healthcare funds have billions of US dollars under management and a mandate to invest in cross-border deals. Join us as we continue this path to a smarter healthcare business.