“For those of you who haven’t been involved with my firm: our mission is to converge Chinese capital with the most innovative pharma markets in the world – primarily the North American and Western European markets. In the recent years, TPP Healthcare has witnessed and aided in the growing number of transactions and partnerships between Chinese healthcare institutions and investors and innovative companies. Specifically, we work to partner investors and pharmaceuticals of both patented products and generics, medical devices companies, diagnostics and, most recently, considering supplements and medical foods companies.

In short, TPP grew out of the necessity to help Chinese invest in innovative technologies and to help Western companies gain access to the Chinese market and its capital. We want to help innovative companies gain the much-needed capital to grow their business, so they can create new, life improving, life-saving products. At the same time, we work to provide our Chinese investors access to the technologies and products that can be licensed to China and benefit their business, industry and patient there.”

– Tony Chu, Co-Founder, Partner